Daughters and dating questionaire

You could consider this the Dear Abby for fathers with daughters. If you're lucky to get in a 'how are you,' and maybe a firm handshake (breaking fingers if possible, cracking knuckles at minimum), that's about all the time your daughter might allow you to interact with her male friend. But it was difficult to read through the list of questions more than once. There is only one response, and that would be, 'sir, I worship the ground your daughter walks on. ' Now what father in his right mind would ask a boy with raging hormones who's dating his daughter about Plumbing? I might show him my staple gun and demonstrate on him how it works if his pants are hanging low enough that I can see the design on his boxer shorts. Okay, one more and then I'll give you my pointers for interaction with your daughter's boyfriend. Listen, when you're interacting with your daughter's boyfriend, the first and most important goal is to instill fear in the young man.

Nearly half a century of lived life is tough to reverse.

If you watched last week's episode of after show (because every freakin' show has an after-show in the world of #Peak TV).

JB casually mentioned the document while being interviewed by producer Scott Enlow.

"I'm sorry, wait a second Jim Bob made you guys fill out questionnaires?

Once your child starts dating, don’t stop talking to them about relationships.It is your teen’s responsibility to know your rules and follow them.Also, while you may not like the person your child is dating, be supportive.In other words, it sounds like the process of getting to know a significant other is equally hellish for both participants.At this point, the Duggars are almost as famous for their courtship methods as they are for their scandals and their fertility, and new information about this odd custom seems to emerge every few months or so.

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