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Illinois: Case Study of a Prevention Model 129 CHAPTER NINE: RESOURCE USX L TLESCENTSEXUALTIY 133 A. LEGAL ISSUES Legal research early in the process can help communities avoid mistakes, respond quickly to threatened challenges and firame the public debate.

Chapter Four discusses the condom availability program design team, how to design the program, staffing and training, student education and counseling, parent involvement, condom purchasing information, and budgets and financing. Chapter Six focuses on legal issues, the school board* s authority, parents' rights, and students* rights. School boards and administrators will usualfy rely on the advice of the school district's legal counsel. Although states differ in the extent of control they delegate, local school boards are generally given broad authority to conduct activities or programs and expend funds to meet the needs of their students. states are encouraging "school-based management** as a strategy for improving the quality of solutions to local school problems, such as rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

It examines behaviors and risks of sexually active adolescents, presents strategies for risk reduction, and discusses condom availability and use. The Center for Population Options* (CPO) goal is to describe in lay terms the range of legal concerns that have been raised with regard to condom availability in schools.

Chapter Two discusses how to design a proposal, develop an action plan, and handle community reactions and media coverage. Any school or community group considering condom availability in the school setting should work closely with an attorney.

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DOCUMENT RESUME ED 362 804 CG 025 065 AUTHOR TITLE INSTITUTION SPONS AGENCY PUB DATE NOTE PUB TYPE Clark, Margaret Pruitt; And Others Condom Availability in Schools: A Guide £or Programs . School condom availability — except in the context of school-based health centers — is a new phenomenon.

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