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But if you’ve gotten close, he should know that none of this is important to you. A real relationship is about balance, about give and take, and that extends into alternating whose house you stay at. How to Call Him Out: Pay attention to his behavior leading up to big events like his birthday.

This guy seems to be wearing out his welcome, so it’s time to do something about it. If you’re his one and only, it makes sense that you’d get top billing and get to spend this actual birthday with him. If he puts you off or says he has plans but won’t elaborate on what they are, take that as a sign you’re dating a married man and dump him.

Sneak off in the night, because this guy is clearly already taken. If he’s going out of his way to go to neighborhoods in your city where no one would know him, or else only takes you places after hours when the lighting makes it hard to recognize a cheater by candlelight, this dude is clearly married.

While at first glance, going to a secluded beach to make out seems romantic, you’ve started to wonder why this guy only wants to see you in places where there are no other humans. He’s concerned that he’ll run into someone who knows him as a faithful husband, and he does want his cover blown.

How to Call Him Out: Here’s a good test for finding out he’s married: the next time you’re with him, send him a text, then see what name pops up on his phone. But if it’s “B” or “Joe,” this should raise a red flag. You wonder why a guy who’s never on social media needs such privacy. Tell him it’s important for you to share each other’s worlds, and you do that through Facebook (or whatever channel).

While some people are just rude like that, there are few people besides this guy’s mother that he should interrupt a date with you to talk to. His account has such high privacy settings that the Pope himself couldn’t even access your man’s photos. How to Call Him Out: If you know he’s active on social media and he’s just ignoring your friend request, ask why.

Dream dates, breakfast in bed, romantic gazes…he’s giving you the full Prince Charming treatment. And as a point of interest, only 14% of women admit to cheating.

But the fact that you’re researching “signs you’re dating a married man” tells me that you have some serious concerns about his availability as a partner. It’s shocking and unforgivable that anyone, let alone the man you’re dating, cheats, but according to the Associated Press and the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 22% of men have admitted to cheating on their partners. I’m not letting you ladies off the hook, but it is interesting that men seem to do it more.

If you pay attention, do you notice a lighter strip of skin on that left ring finger where the sun hasn’t touched in years (maybe decades?? He may be so surprised at your ingenuity that he ends up telling the truth.

If every time you call him he either doesn’t answer or seems otherwise occupied, this might be one of the signs you’re dating a married man, unfortunately.

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