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The plough, the harrow, and the spade remind us that the golden age is past, and subsistence depends on labour; prosperity on industrious application.

A little of the clay of which you complain, would do us a great deal of good.

I should be glad to take my dominions here from the goddess Ceres to give them to the god Pan, and I think you will agree with me in that taste; for wherever he presides, there Nature's republick is established... At Sandleford you will find us busy in the care of arable land. Montagu made here, my farm contains six hundred acres.

As I now consider it an Amazonian land, I affect to consider the women as capable of assisting in agriculture as much as the men.

They leased it out as a farm to various tenants before the Kingsmill family from Sydmonton Court converted it into a country house.

This was subsequently much extended and elaborated by a later resident, Mrs. Residents have included: Three generations of the Kingsmill family of Sydmonton leased Sandleford between 1626 and circa 1715.

Almost the only way into this park is from the west, from the A343, Andover road, past the Roman Catholic church at Warren Lodge, and down the remaining 200 yards of an ancient track flanked by field maple, oak, ash, hazel, ivy, elm, elder, hawthorn, and blackthorn.

John Kingsmill was husband to Rachael Pitt (died 1690), the second daughter of Edward Pitt the eldest son of Sir William Pitt (1559–1636), MP, kt. Edward Pitt (1592–1643), MP (Poole), of Steepleton Iwerne, near Blandford Forum, Dorset and later of Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, which he bought for £4,800 in 1629, had married Rachael (d. The meagre condition of the soil forbids me to live in the state of a shepherdess-queen, which I look upon as the highest rural dignity.

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