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Just imagine: "I need you to go buy me a burrito right now, NO QUESTIONS ASKED," or something else a little more sketchy.

When I confronted her about the fact I already had her photos.....went nuts. The story was I am bringing antiques to the states and I need money to ship them and buy the plane ticket. calling me and sending me a pic of her in a hospital bed. I told her, give me your passport# and a phpne # and address the airline can reach you at. She is very Beautiful, in the pics that she sends, if that is really her.Sigourney Weaver is also set to be involved with the new film – despite conflicting messages from Cameron and Weaver.Cameron had previously suggested that Grace Augustine (Weaver) would be back in the films, despite her death, but in 2015 Weaver insisted that she’ll be involved but as a new character.Tell her must have dob to book flight and ask for more pictures. (I was using the name Robert) In this letter she calls me GARRY. Ron (USA) Report N3 (added on February, 29, 2008) Typical scammer same old story her dads a business dies her dad dies in a car crash left a lump sum of money to her cant have money till she gets married told me she from canada in edmonton but she is presently in the uk.i dont believe this at all what load of croak i beleive she in is nigeria somewhere i have letter here and pics shame beautiful lady really what a waste of life. I've got several photos and letters that I want to send you as well.(played her like a fine tune piano) 7th letter 10-31-07, Give me d.o.b. Grant (Canada) Report N4 (added on March, 14, 2008) Typical Nigerian scammer. Trajic life-Mom and dad both dead, uncle sexually abused her, last boyfriend did the same. Gregg (USA) Report N5 (added on July, 27, 2008) She was telling me that she was from the states and she was working over seas as a sales woman she asked me to send her money and she wanted to send me a check to cash it for her.

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