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Dominant wives, girlfriends or women in positions of power, are usually the main character, with a submissive male or female, attending to their every demand.

For male and female subs, femdom fiction is likely to contain story elements of both softer activities like foot worship and teasing, to more hardcore activities like light torture, pain play (nipple and genital clamps, CBT), strap-on sex (pegging), figging, smothering / suffocation, orgasm denial, fisting, anal play, spanking, toilet play and humiliation. He is imprisoned for the Queen's personal pleasures.

She loves dressing up in sexy, kinky outfits and wants to share her adventures and listen to yours Mistress Candy is a hot and horny blonde femdom who loves naughty boys that do as she commands.

She is an erotic, merciful femdom Mistress who loves to teach men a lesson.

24yr old Amalie is an assistant nurse to a gynaecologist.

She finds her job very interesting and guys love it when they find out what she does for a living.

Read On Added: | Category: Femdom | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 5,686 | Tags: fingering fisting anal breast nipple play mistress lesbian | 31 Comments I discover a threat to Ms. We had broken up and gotten back together at least five times. I dressed and walked to her apartment building, which was just a couple blocks from mine. Lorraine works at the library, my home away from home.

I never really reached a decision but I watched people going to work and, truly, most of them didn’t seem happy. Stopping by my apartment to get cleaned up, I was sorry to have to wash Ms. He followed her on the path that led into the forest where he’d been the day before. Read On Added: | Category: Femdom | Avg Score: 4.67 | Words: 4,831 | Tags: physical domination wrestling fetish pantyhose heels voyeur mediterranean | 3 Comments Ms. Read On Added: | Category: Femdom | Avg Score: 4.11 | Words: 3,668 | Tags: femdom submission cunnilingus buttplug pedicure joi hairy woman | 2 Comments Momentary carelessness puts me in debt to an enigmatic woman. By the way she dressed, I would have guessed she was a lesbian—and not the lipstick kind.

Alex was supposed to pick her up in the restaurant at one o’clock.

Because he was early he parked the van and explored Cannes on foot.

What on earth did Louise see in this guy, he wondered.

They chatted over coffee for about twenty minutes, but when Alex got back to his...

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