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Interesting guy indeed and something tells us that he is just getting started.

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Brett Wilson credits the show ,where he invested in 30 businesses and from which he famously departed last February as a good stepping stone to helping him build his brand.

He is currently the host of a new reality show called Engineers are the backbone of this country and especially Calgary. The people I met then and subsequently in my MBA school went on to form my nucleus work network and are some of the most successful businessmen in the country.

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I think it should have been more than that.”.”The desire to keep chatting, was foreshortened by our own time pressure to get on a plane…for which Wilson with his travel expertise taught us a number of shortcuts.I’m also talking about guys like…”In 2001 the day his papers came through on his divorce he received a phone call telling him that he had prostate cancer.That started a multi-year battle for survival and getting well.Sarah left Vancouver on Friday with her girls for a few days in LA looking healthy and gorgeous and glowing and fresh…It’s been a wonderful summer.She’s completely devoted to her daughters, of course, but there’s also love in her life again.

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