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image=examplexu6How do I go about loading a page within a page. i want to have my page fill out for any screen dimension. the page looks perfect in dreamweaver but when i view in a browser the image is out of line and it does not fill out the full page Any help would be much appreciated HTML Code: hi.i need some help : i got a web page that looks something like this how can i make the background image to autoresize according to the screen resolution of the monitor from where the page is seen?For example, in the pic, if you clicked Cost it would load a page within the loading area without taking off to another location. same with the banner and the rest of the images.i basically want my website to look exactly like in the picture no matter what is the resolution of the screen and without a scroll bar.

Then I decided that instead of the simple text menu on the template, I should try make a spry-menu. How can I update the pages so that they all get the nicer spry-menu? Now, the change I did this morning did NOT show, but all of a sudden the menu now shows!!

I know how to use CSS to update values like fontcolour and background images, but not areas of actual HTML content. Dear Members, When I type more text, it gets scroll but it disturbs all of my bars which is above. Please see the link which is mentioned below give me a solution at the best Best Regardsok, so since i've switched over to Div i felt like there was no more needs for Dreamweaver anymore. I mean, maybe i just don't know how to use DIV in Dreamweaver, becuase i've been doing it all by hardcoding by hands.

becuase when i try to align a div to the right or left, there is no button in the property that lefts me do it, so i have to get into the code and change it.

This morning I sat down to see if I could fix this.

Do you know if there is a way I can "force" the changes as soon as I make a change on the template so that it updates the pages I have created from it manually?

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