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The relevance - it's everywhere: Scott Moir, famous Canadian figure skater: Isn't he a significant component of Jessica's singles skating story?

Shouldn't the interviewer ask if the lovebirds compared notes on partners training alone?

“Now, skating by myself, sometimes I enjoy it because I’m in my own bubble doing my own thing.

But sometimes I’ll go to my coaches just because I need to talk to someone or I just need someone to be there.

Figure skating - It takes alot more grace and determination to do figure skating.

also, if you do pairs, you may fall alot harder take Jessica Dube for example when Bryce sliced her.

Shouldn't it be asked what advice Scott was giving Jessica?

How they were supporting each other during this challenging period? Despite Skate Canada broadcasting Scott's involvement with her singles short at every opportunity (Jessica, Annie Barabe, P. Kwong, Skate Canada), here, in a mainstream media interview, Jessica's gold medal amoreaux was never mentioned, and the Dube Davison/Virtue Moir injury and separation parallels were ignored. I don't want to retroactively do anybody's job for them but I've added in the stuff this reporter neglected to write about only because it's so super glaring by omission.

In 2008-2009, in an incident so little publicized this article won't bring it up, Moir's own partner, Tessa Virtue, was sidelined for months following surgery for chronic exertional compartment syndrome.

It took another year to get their on-ice relationship back in sync.

"I'd really recommend communication" emphasizes Moir."He's an ice dancer and they're the best at steps, so it gave me a really secure feeling for him to do that part of the program.

“In pairs, they were only doing the Axel and Salchow, just doing those jumps every day, and sometimes if it doesn’t go well, you just keep practising your mistakes in the jumps,” Barabe said.

“When there’s more to practise, sometimes you have less problems.

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