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She is the niece of Albert Yeung, the triad boss of a huge Hong Kong entertainment group who control almost half of the stars in the industry.

Vincy is still schooling in Boston, US and has stood by her man since the photos scandal.

Nicholas Tse was reported to have removed his wedding band.

Vincy Yeung is apparently the only woman (Oops....girl, she's 18 years old) that Edison Chen has publicly acknowledged as girlfriend.

then Edison found out and he got really piss off and he told the police i guess..

Gillian hasn’t admitted to dating anyone since breaking up with Tyler Kwon over three years ago, but paparazzi likes to keep guessing, regardless.

As of late, the Twins singer is rumored to be dating Chun Fen (秦奮), a Chinese rich second generation (2G), who she met through mutual friends.

Labelled "fake", "pretentious" after her photos with Edison Chen in the lovemaking process were widely circulated in the internet.

These photos apparently caught her legs wide open facing the camera.

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