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puede que a Eren despues de todo tambien le guste la idea. Little did he realize that summoning such a powerful demon when he didn't even have enough power would have its consequences: Allen doesn't remember anything. ) They then met this silver haired boy who taking Kanda breath away so Kanda try's to make him his. Implied Lucky in later chapters."Ya no tienes control sobre mí, Integra..te daré 3 opciones para recuperarlo. And he realised that they had been passing by each other all along. Assuming Shion to be dead, Nezumi joins one of the sides. His great idea is to just call Kanda, and Allen is just in for the ride. Hector made a mistake when believing Patroclus to be Achilles.(Ya lo se una mierda de summary pero esmejor que lo lean) ADVERTENCIA: POSIBLE LEMMON YAOI (chico x chico) Pareja: Riren. Thus the title Say You're Mine updates every Friday Zero , Ichiru Kiryuu and Maria Kurenai are workers at a bakery , whilst Kaname Kuran is a heartbreaking actor. Tú deberás escoger." Historia post-manga con algunos cambios en su estructura básica. A mistake that may have cost the youn greek his life. "Don't you know that you're supposed to return me a gift?Something pivotal had changed in the hunter I used to know. So I suppose my true obsession with him began all those days ago.. Strange things keep happening to him, little does he know about the dragon living within the school. The sacrifices that were offered to the king are maidens, but this time a young man is the chosen sacrifice. And when he meets the King himself instead of death Zero is asked to tell him a story each night before he goes to bed. Skin as clear and smooth as porcelin, lips as soft as silk, eyes as silver as a moonlight pool, hair as white as snow." Snow White and DGM version. *Españax Nyo Romano*Despite knowing his feelings for the someone else, Queen Shmi wishes for her son to marry. No dejare huérfano a mi hijo por una corazonada tuya, Anderson. After Spending a night in Kanda's bed, he decides that its where he belongs. Not Inuyasha, not my once younger sister Kaede, not Tsubaki, not the Shikon jewel and… Sess Kik, Minor: Inu Kik, Inu Kag, Kog Aya Demyx joins a dating site for a laugh but when he starts talking to the mysterious "Burn Burn08". My first fanfic i hope it doesn't suck as much as i think it does.Yullen, Kanda XAllen rated T for now."Do you know what your name means Zero? Anakin agrees, saying he'll only marry a woman who possess a talent that nobody else has. :)Zero loves Kaname, but Kaname loves Yuki, and Yuki loves Kaname. The K-Pop business isn't all it's cracked up to be. Allen Walker, a half wolf, half human, of Cosmo's circus, sneaks out one night to find Kanda, who's just like him from another circus. Shion can't forget about a boy he befriended at the park the day of his twelfth birthday. Gray Man fan fiction ever so please DO leave me reviews. – dijo fastidiada./-Tú eres el cable de humanidad de Alucard. Heck I can't even answer that After the loss of Mana, Allen thought he could finally live in peace as he serves Kanda Yuu,the werewolf Lord for so long in the Underworld where the supernatural beings live but fate proves him wrong.pokerpair Allen's secretly a thief, Kanda's the sheriff, Lenalee a sweet waitress and Lavi a cheerful bartender... and even with rumors flying arund, they hold strong to each other. plz review Ok so this is a really weird story were Demyx is a shapeshifter and runs away from the village he and Axel live in. Sesshoumaru ponders on how much he has matured over the 7 years since the battle with Naraku, when he stumbled a upon a familiar priestess. He and Axel have a moment together which results in mixed feelings. Yullen Kanda Yuu, from a rich family, the kendo team's jewel.But Lovino has a secret he's been hiding for years now, in order to protect himself from getting hurt. (rated T for blood and Taboos- its Gareki what did u expect) I ship Gareki X Yogi 4ever ENJOY :3Haruka is red-faced, utterly refusing to speak to Rin who's making grand expositions on why of course Haruka's in love with Makoto; and he really should just confess before someone else asks Makoto out ... "Loving You Both" side story Demyx has come back from a mission wounded more deeply than anyone but Axel seems to truly understand. With his friend in Kanda’s grasp, there is nothing he can do. It's encountering all of the other members that's got him worrying...

Unfortunately this piano happens to have a couple surprises that lie within. Unfortunately , Zero thinks Kaname had fallen in love with Maria and he dislikes him for it. Ka Ze, Ma Chiru Lovino is a young Italian working for the handsome Spaniard, Antonio. Not only that, but Shion is looking pretty good in that vampire costume... NOTE: ratings may change from T to M later on(Alternate ending to episode 8) Yogi and Gareki are stranded in the icy wasteland of Rinoll the only way of survival is each other as some home truths come to light will they survive the night? But the raven haired teen, without Allen even knowing, had silently threatened those three people so they won't interfere. When a prank goes too far and Allen ends up in trouble, Lavi finds himself in the same situation. This is the beginning of my personal take on the KH canon, of how Axel met and learned to live with, the two most important people in his life as a Nobody. Axel never imagined that he'd be spending his Christmas searching for a certain eccentric Nocturne, but he's up for the challenge!Moreover, something is wrong with Yuki, Takuma is trying to save Shiki from Rido's traces of darkness and Aidou pays for toying with an unknown spell. But he ended up stepping into a vampire trap and found himself injured and sick, with only Zero Kiryuu to care for him. Levi becomes frustrated and confused when he finds out that Eren is the only one that can really get under his skin. I will make more chapters if you guys ask for more, so let me know please! Warning some/slight Yuuki bashing(I can't think of a summary so I'm just going to put a small insert instead) Insert: "Right," Levi mumbled, realizing that the entire Scouting Legion had been slacking off all this time. But as both boys spend the evening, they think, are their feelings Right or Wrong? A true queen is someone who loves their family dearly, someone who will spend years in hiding away from her King just for that family, someone who keeps secrets through pain and a true queen doesn't always have to be a her. "Well, get to it." He walked over towards Eren, bending down and planting a kiss firmly on the taller boy's lips before exiting the room. Kanda and Allen are looking for innocence and along the way, they figure out how much they mean to each other. Vargas has finally found a new job in England, away from her home in Rome after the long WWII. Romanox England AU, yaoi, absolute Yullen, one sided Laven and Kandax Lenalee. Integra esta junto a su padre Walter, en Francia, donde conocerá a los históricos Mosqueteros,solo que uno luce como cierto conde, otro como un francés tuerto y otro al parecer es una ¿draculina? I don't know when this obsession began with wanting to know more about him. Dean Winchester is a hunter, Sam is a psychic, a slave since fifteen. Zero turns out to be a 'Carrier Vampire', a male vampire that can bear children. Of course Pacifica can't help but wonder, could Dipper be her knight in shinning armor? Thirty stories featuring Alucard and Integra for a Thirty Kisses Challenge Fic. Yullen, Timmuro When Kaname and Zero get into a fight it all goes south for the pureblood when fluttery feelings towards the hunter start to surface. Una llamada por parte de su hermana, obligó a Lovina a regresar a Italia en compañía de su hijo. Go Mi Nyu once again takes her brothers place & tries to keep her identity hidden. A visit from her aunt, her identity revealed & a night shared in passion gives a happy ending to 2 favorite characters. This is what might have been.should have been…"You're really here. You didn't leave me." Kanda smiles gently and wraps his arms around the small boy's waist, pulling him close and laying a soft kiss on his snow colored locks, "I promised I wouldn't, Didn't I? I know that while he's by my side I'll be able to fight to somehow pull away from the undertow that constantly threatens to drag me into darkness but I don't want him to stay by my side just because of that. The only place were the species are said to truly... Rated M to be safe Dear Bakanda, How on this Akuma-infested earth am I supposed to get used to it if you keep on getting more and more aggressive every time we do it! Some would panic, some would take charge, others would realize they're in over their heads.Here I was trying to decipher him as if he were the greatest enigma in the world. AU: Allen Walker is a student at The Black Order School of Sorcery. How will he survive when almost every vampire wants him as a mate? Mpreg SEQUEL UP - Nine Months of Struggle Every one hundred years a sacrifice is made to the king of beasts. Hope you enjoy and as always please R&R :3 Although this challenge is based on Ax I there will be occasional elements of Sx P."In all the land their is only one who is more fair than thee. Kaname tries to grab the hunters attention but will Zero notice the purebloods advances or will he fall for someone a bit closer to home? A los fantasmas del pasado tarde o temprano hay que enfrentarlos, sobre todo si tienen acento español. LEMON TK/GMN-Necesitaras más que eso, para convencerme de meterme a la boca del lobo. Allen finds out Lavi cheated on him and they break up. Sesshyx Kikyo Lenalee discovers Allen and Kanda making out but she wants to make sure what she saw was true. But there is something Lenalee does not know and Lavi doesn't bother to tell her. A short poem from Anakin's point of view, reflecting on his marriage with Padme, but his love for Obi-Wan. -Allen Sequel to 'Dear Anyone' and 'Dear Everyone' Yullen Nothing not even that demon's death will purify my soul… A Little Yaoi She opened her eyes and found him standing over her. In a game of survival, there's nowhere else to run but to each other.

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