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Another lady, an ex-model, claimed to be a social drinker but proved a teetotaler.“I’m not a big drinker but I want to have a glass of wine and I don’t want to feel like I’m a freak.” Several other dates passed by without connection until Andrew was introduced to his current beau, a Midwest-based marketing professional in the cosmetics industry.In that time the company’s matches have led to 1,487 marriages and 459 babies.“People that are entrepreneurs are head down, focused, making tons of sacrifices and commitments to be successful in the business world and so they outsource everything, whether it’s personal shoppers or chefs – whatever they can – depending on how successful their business is,” Adler said. Adler’s Selective Search service costs ,000 to start for a flexible, yearlong contract of seven to ten dates with possible partners.Unless, of course, you can afford to pay Barbie Adler and her team of matchmakers to help you.Adler, founder and president of Chicago-based matchmaking firm Selective Search, has been helping find love for the wealthy (and busy) nationwide for about 13 years.Rates escalate depending on the geographical scope of a search. “We really aim to please in all areas, including physical,” says Adler. Women, which make up the dating pool for the paying clients, are taken on as members gratis but have to go through a vetting process.This is not or e Harmony – where love seekers build profiles and search for mates – Selective Search holds one-on-one consultations between clients and staff to paint a more detailed picture of what that client is really looking for in a partner. Through its own database and those of affiliated matchmaker services, the company has access to the dossiers on over 200,000 women. About 34% of the time clients decide to stick with the first match presented to them.

“Life is so precious and what really matters is not at all what’s in the bank but what matters is how happy you are,” says Adler.The company generated over million last year and expects dramatic growth based on earnings so far this year, so though personal happiness may be more important to Adler, what’s in the bank is on the up and up., was a client that had taken a shine to her at their first meeting.“It goes back to the old fashioned way of meeting in person, carving out time, really understanding someone, what they’re looking for, they’re past romantic history; what worked, what didn’t work,” Adler explained. Another 48% choose a partner after three or four introductions.There are other important details clients must ponder: do I want children? Despite its high price tag, there may be a practical side to Selective Search and high end matchmakers like it.

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After an initial in-depth interview at Selective Search’s Chicago HQ, he was introduced to two ladies chosen for him by the company whom he spoke with by phone and met face to face.

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