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While at the beginning of the transition, venting frustrations and grief can feel very necessary, at some point that begins to lessen.Many start to adapt to their new life, sometimes with the support from their family and Mormon friends but sometimes not.Although they updated that stance slightly last month by saying that members who are attracted to people of the same sex are not necessarily sinful, the effects on membership have had an impact.The immediate result was a group-resignation that involved about one hundred members leaving the some 15-million-member church. “The policy came out like a significant bombshell,” said Philip Barlow, who directs religious studies at Utah State University.“And subscribers on the Reddit page just continue to grow.”Natalie Harris, a 24-year-old from Bluffdale, Utah, recently started work as an organizer for two Meetup groups for former Mormons, “Non-LDS Single Parents” and “Non-LDS Singles.” She was raised Mormon, and began questioning the faith when she was a teenager, but it took a few years for her to leave.She said the groups allow her to be around other people who have gone through the same thing.“WARNING: If you live with people who are members of the church, they will almost certainly be told about your resignation,” stated the website.Once the letter has been submitted, you’ll likely receive some follow-up messages attempting to change your mind, as well as a visit (through mail or sometimes even in-person) from a local bishop or branch president.

“There would still be believers,” Nielsen told the more than 35,000 members of the forum.After leaving the church, many of their marriages fall apart.Many lose all sense of morality, but what’s even worse, they aren’t even good at being non-Mormons.Last weekend, Mc Kay Nielsen took his daily scroll through the Reddit page “Exmormon”, a forum meant in part for those who have cut ties with the Mormon Church.He decided to post a hypothetical question: What might happen if the President of the Mormon Church, Thomas S.

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