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Goethe even once proclaimed it had “something ideal” about it and the ‘s beauty is perhaps unequaled by any other!

That’s some serious positive feedback and of course, the Romantics of the era were particularly enamored with this idyllic little city, from its meandering Hauptstrasse lined with shops, cozy cafes and bustling restaurants to one of the loveliest castle ruins in Germany, is a great place to start your drinking road trip (responsibly! Stretching 85 km through the heart of the Palatinate, it begins at the border to France in the town of Schweigen-Rechtenbach, known as the “German Wine Gate” winding through lush rolling vineyard hills in one of the most picturesque regions of Germany dating back to 1935. One of the main attractions along the German Wine Route is the (Dürkheimer Weinfass) which holds 1.7 million litres and has enough space for 650 people, it’s the largest barrel in the world turned tavern! As if one needed yet another gosh darn cutie patootie town, is one of the top sights to see in Marburg yet local students believe that visiting prior to an exam will result in a massive F on their exams, but if you haven’t got an exam, consider going up for fantastic views over the city.

3 hours one way means getting up at the crack o’dawn and gettin’ your butt movin’, hittin’ the road before everyone else gets outta bed.

Suuuuure, you say 3 hours is so far away, why not stay the night and make it a weekend trip?

You gotta take advantage of every day as if it was your last and there is so much to see, yet sooo little time!

I want to go where nobody knows and where no body goes!

Ok, ok, perhaps I’m sounding repetitious when I say that is yet another picturesque half-timbered town, but Germany just has so dang many of them sweet towns!

Fields of vineyards cover the rolling hills along the Rhein River producing some of Germany’s most famous wines, Rieslings and Pinor Nior, a tradition dating back over 2,000 years to the Romans. Popular with motorbikers and river cruisers, Rüdesheim am Rhein is one of those quickie towns you stop in as there ain’t much there, but it’s just so stinkin’ cute you may just never wanna leave!

These are some of the , many of these towns and cities are easily reachable by train!When you come here, you can turn off your phones and slow down, and simply meander along the old town fortifications or simply have a glass or two or three of wine.Ok, ok, so not exactly your typical destination for a day trip, but if you’re visiting the Rhein region, consider a stop at – a beautiful siren sat combing her luscious blonde hair while singing a sweet melody, distracting the sailors below and enchanting them until they’ve completely forgotten about the most dangerous point along the Rhein River, crashing their ships and meeting their maker., a landmark built in 1897 for the first German Emperor William I of Germany.While a whopping 80% of the city was destroyed in WWII, the town was rebuilt and its cathedral, dating back over 1,000 years still stands tall. Not only is the town totally adorbs, but the history is straight up whack! In 1676, 35 women and 8 men were burned at the stake for witchcraft giving the small town a bit of notoriety, 20 years BEFORE the Salem witch trials. Dominating the tinsy tiny main square, the city hall isn’t all there is to see in Heppenheim!Mainz is a great place to chillax if you’re looking for a quick layover destination near Frankfurt! Though the town has a tower named theit actually has nothing to do with the trials but, you can ask the tourist office for a rather LARRRGE key and climb to the top and have your fairy tale moment to let down your hair! No here, even the lamps that light up the town tell a story…literally, of local folklore stories.

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