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: Looking for a Fender pedal steel Model 1000 or 2000 : Want too buy : Living in Stockholm, Sweden I have a Fender 2000 double neck steel guitar with 10 pedals. Comes with case slides and all original paperwork(booklet). Thanks Donna Omalley USA Hi Buddy, I'm a multi-instrumentalist. turn your guitar upside down to see whats going on!! This set up allows you to use adjacent pedals together e.g.

You can change the pedal setup easily on a Fender by shifting the cables about and adjust the tuning by turning the screws in the recess at the right hand end of the guitar when you have the pedal down.

As unusual as a lap steel looks, compared to a standard guitar it's the sound of this instrument that truly sets it apart.

Once you've heard the soulful yet melodic wail of a lap steel, you'll understand why this guitar has drawn such a following through the years.

The sounds that emanate from a lap steel guitar have enchanted music lovers for more than 100 years.

From Hawaiian cowboy folk songs all the way to the plaintive soul sounds of rock and roll, steel guitars add distinctive elements to nearly all music genres.

Created from a simple idea formed in the mid to late 1800s, the earliest steel guitar quickly became the model from which subsequent instruments emerged.Throughout the early 20th century, using Hawaiian guitar techniques became increasingly popular in the United States.By 1930 major music publishers made this style of guitar methodology available to the public.The Lap Steel Guitar The steel guitar differs from a regular guitar in the way that it is played. I am trying to find out any info on an old Lap Steel. The pedals on the C6 correspond to tunings often used on non-pedal steels and you can easily get a lot of chords with forward and reverse bar slants.The lap steel guitar is held in your lap facing toward you. The name on it is "Wizard" but so far I have not been able to find out anything about it. My Knees are cable operated because I didn't know any better at the time.

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