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To provide some context around just how surprising this was to me, I’m hardly sex-starved at the moment (knock on wood), and it’s great sex, actually. At this point, I’m just starting to think this is absurd. So many times when I read others’ claims about how good the STU was, I honestly just figured they either a.) were sexually inexperienced and didn’t know much beyond their own hand, or b.) probably hadn’t tried any other Fleshights or other sex toys to compare it to.

I’ve read some other reviewers report that they don’t really feel much detail of the texture of the STU until right before they’re about to have an orgasm.

But with the Stamina Training Unit, I’m ready to talk about what it feels like after a grand total of four minutes and thirty seconds.

Hey—that’s three orgasms in less than five minutes when you look at it all together.

I was completely caught off guard by the relentless wall o’ pleasure that the STU’s seemingly basic pillowy bumps deliver.

I don’t normally have a stamina issue in bed, but I was finding myself almost powerless against the STU. If this is failure on my part, failure never felt so good and I want to fail again.

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