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“Everyone wants to see restored devolution in Northern Ireland, but what we want to see here is a rights issue for all UK citizens.“It’s not acceptable that people can be married elsewhere in the UK, but then they go to Northern Ireland and their marriage isn’t recognised.Sinn Féin leaders reportedly raised the issue during a meeting with UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in London on Wednesday – after backbench Labour MPs said they would likely bring forward an equal marriage bill.In a statement to Pink News, the party’s equality spokesperson, MLA Megan Fearon, confirmed the party’s stance.“Sadly, equal marriage appears not to have been a sufficient political priority in these talks.

“Sinn Féin’s objective in the recent negotiations was to secure a pathway to the introduction of marriage equality.It’s unsustainable that part of the UK doesn’t have same-sex marriage, and I don’t think it can go on in the long term.” Labour’s Lord Alli told Pink News: “Whilst we all want to see a return of power sharing government and a vote for equal marriage in the Assembly, the Secretary of State is right to recognise the fact that the current discriminatory situation in Northern Ireland is unsustainable.“I welcome the Goverment’s commitment to allowing a vote on equal marriage in Westminster and would ask that the Secretary of State now set a clear deadline for legislation in either the restored Assembly or UK parliament because lesbians and gays in Northern Ireland have already been waiting for equality for far too long.” Patrick Corrigan of the Love Equality campaign for civil marriage equality said: “The outcome of the political talks has been deeply disappointing.“While the talks process has been collapsed, standing still is not an option for the British government in particular.Citizens have rights, and agreements made, must be agreements implemented.

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It’s beyond time to give same-sex couples in Northern Ireland the same rights enjoyed by people in Britain and the Republic of Ireland.” Conor Mc Ginn The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Karen Bradley has confirmed the government would no longer block such a move – despite its political reliance on the DUP.

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