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~ Frederick Douglass There can be no fanatics in the cause of genuine liberty. There may be, and have been fanatics in false religion; in the bloody religions of the heathen. But there can be no fanatic, however warm their zeal, in the true religion, even although you sell your goods and bestow your money on the poor, and go on and follow your Master.

There may, and every hour shows around me, fanatics in the cause of false liberty – that infamous liberty which justifies human bondage, that liberty whose 'corner-stone is slavery'.

And we shall join our hands when we wish, or walk alone when we so desire.

~ Ayn Rand When it became clear that slavery was not going away by itself, Americans faced a choice.

When a little boy is kidnapped, turned into a child soldier, forced to kill or be killed -- that’s slavery.

Or they could affirm their principles and limit the growth of slavery. West When an individual becomes utterly dependent on another person or group to provide all of their emotional, spiritual and physical needs, that individual has given away all of their power.

To contend for our own liberty, and to deny that blessing to others, involves an inconsistency not to be excused.

~ John Jay Slavery is essentially barbarous in its character.

Our children see this, and learn to imitate it; for man is an imitative animal. ~ Thomas Jefferson Man is free; yet we must not suppose that he is at liberty to do everything he pleases, for he becomes a slave the moment he allows his actions to be ruled by passion.

The man who has sufficient power over himself to wait until his nature has recovered its even balance is the truly wise man, but such beings are seldom met with.

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