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Using poisons in the yard isn't good for you or your pets.

Instead try nematodes, little worms that totally naturally eat the fleas.

Loneliness can become an obstacle in your personal life.

Seeking someone to flirt, make friend or simply chat tonight?

An ad that appeared in Modern Grocer shows how Denk Baking is trying to stimulate trade. Starting with Charlie Chaplin's “The Gold Rush” and ending with Lon Chaney's “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” there'll be 12 films, each of which will be repeated.

All were acquired from General Host,“We've taken a demoralized group of employes and turned them into swingers,” said the 40‐year‐old Mr.

All together some 750 will be going up by the end of this month—colorful paintings of frolicking young people with the headline, “You had it at Grossinger's. ”The same line will be used in newspaper ads and on the lapel buttons of the route men. Advertising (in TV Guide, The New Yorker, New York and Cue) will be part of it and so will nice big posters in the nine branches.

Grossinger's advertising is handled by Stiefel/Raymond while Barker & Stein in Flushing, Queens, does it for Bond. They'll be giving them away, too, so don't be surprised if your, wife slaps up a big picture of Rudolph Valentino. Janet Copuzelo Bond promoted to vice president at Knudsen‐Moore, Inc., Stamford, Conn. Gallup appointed to the new position of vice president, sports sales, NBC‐TV.

If you're versed in the flea battle, you realize that if you don't remove fleas from your pet's outdoor environment they will simply latch back on to your newly de-fleaed pet.

Green Ways to Rid Your Lawn of Fleas Don't over water your lawn.

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