Funny dating email subject lines

For both couples and singles, tangible gifts are not the only perfect products to sell for Valentine’s day.

People are also looking to purchase experiences, such as date nights, movies, dining, and hotels.

A fresh look of Frank Body and the different content feel in their Valentine’s day letter. Plus, their subscribers have the option to send a love letter directly from the email.

Catchy GIF used in this Valentine’s day email newsletter, bonus points for it being on brand color-wise.

A surprising example of this comes from Shutterstock. I started out in the marketing startup world right after graduation and since then it’s been a blast to navigate in these waters.

After work, I love playing basketball and traveling.

This email came from Quickbooks, the online accounting software aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses manage their books and grow.

The email gives subscribers a step-by-step process for setting up free bank transfers. It makes subscribers want to know how can they get paid faster?

So help your subscribers craft a plan for the day, with DIY ideas, and music playlists with romantic classics.It hit inboxes at the end of January, which is prime time for ordering Valentine’s day flowers. The exclamation points make it feel a bit more urgent, as do the caps for FREE SHIPPING. Why it works: This title is to the point and doesn’t try to hide intent. Taken out of context, this email subject line might not stand out.(For more, check out: 4 Tips to Prepare Your Emails for Any Holiday Calendar Event.)This email subject line works because it triggers FOMO, i.e. A word of caution here: The overuse of ALL CAPS and !!!!!! (Here are a few more ways you might be triggering spam filters without realizing it.) This title carefully walks the fine line between looking spammy and excited. This email subject line comes from Vimeo, a video platform and online community for video creators. If you are on Vimeo’s list, you know exactly what you are going to get from this email. But it comes from Soapbox, a Chrome extension designed to help people record and share professional-looking presentations and videos.It is a good hook that addresses the needs of any business owner.Here’s the thing: you have to be honest if you use this type of teaser subject line. This subject line offers — and the content delivers.

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Don’t use a spammy teaser subject line because people will lose trust in your brand.

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