Furry 1 on 1 chat

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Don't throw them under the bus like that [Mezou Shouji]: Ojiro's right.

[Sticky Spiderman]: NO, PLEASE DON' T TELL AIZAWA ANYTHING [Furry]: See, this is all your guys' fault, maybe if you would've actually gone to sleep, none of this "Uraraka and Aizawa alliance" would've happened [Hard Boii]: Come on, Ojiro!

Not you too [Furry]: You didn't even go down, what're you complaining about?

You shouldn't have gone [Uravity]: How boring [Dank Calamari]: That's just cruel dude [Mezou Shouji]: What's cruel? [Dank Calamari]: Blaming us [Identity Crisis]: go with the f l o w [Dank Calamari]: NO [Furry]: Bad choices, bad choices [Dank Calamari]: Shut it, Ojiro [Radio-to-Go]: DENKI [Mama Momo]: Ojiro and Shouji are completely correct.

I told you not to go into the teacher's lounge [Edgelord]: What was your punishment anyway?

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