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Gibson’s logo has been largely unchanged since 1947 but before that time the logo changed a bit, so you can use that to help identify the era your guitar was built. Good question – and the answer is simply that the serial number system used up until 1977 wasn’t the easiest or most reliable system – so you may not be able to accurately determine anything about your guitar using the serial number alone.

O.k., let’s take a look at the different time periods of serial numbers from Gibson Guitars.

If your guitar doesn’t seem to fit within any of these systems, check out the resources below to see if you can decipher your serial number.

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The new system used a letter to prefix the numbers.The following serial numbers apply just to acoustic guitars.During this period, the system was actually relatively simple. The chart below shows the year that relates to the serial number.The serial numbers shown represent the approximate last serial number for that year.The first serial number for acoustic guitars was 100.

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Note: Custom shop guitars are not supported The Gibson Serial Number Decoder currently supports 6 formats from 4 Factories.

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