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please help me in this problem if possible provide your code here. One reason I have run in to for that not to work is if the control is when the site uses a master page.: cs : Code------------------------------------using System;using System. Html Controls;public partial class Gridview Ex : System. I have done this many times even i referred to my old project to see what i am doing wrong here but no use.Hello Tabish82 I am also facing the same problem what did you find solution. i cant use sql datasource for this so i have used reguler population method on server side.Object reference not set to an instance of an object string Nam Dept = (Grid View.

Also since I'm dealing with a Drop Down List, I supposes my code [in VB} should look like: Dim index As Integer = Grid View1. Rows(index)Dim ddl_state_id As Drop Down List =CType(row. Selected Value"), Drop Down List)Dim ddl_state_desc As Drop Down List =CType(row. Read() Then Temp Staff Key = reader3("staff_key") If Not Is DBNull(reader3("post_key")) Then Temp Post Key = reader3("post_key") End If If Not Is DBNull(reader3("roster_key")) Then Temp Roster Key = reader3("roster_key") End If If Not Is DBNull(reader3("shift_date")) Then Temp Shift Date = Format(reader3("shift_date"), "dd/MM/yyyy") End If If Not Is DBNull(reader3("start_time")) Then Temp Start Time = Format(reader3("start_time"), "HH:mm") End If If Not Is DBNull(reader3("end_time")) Then Temp End Time = Format(reader3("end_time"), "HH:mm") End If If Not Is DBNull(reader3("SL")) Then Temp SL = reader3("SL") Else Temp SL = "0" End If If Not Is DBNull(reader3("VL")) Then Temp VL = reader3("VL") Else Temp VL = "0" End If If Not Is DBNull(reader3("ML")) Then Temp ML = reader3("ML") Else Temp ML = "0" End If If Not Is DBNull(reader3("PH")) Then Temp PH = reader3("PH") Else Temp PH = "0" End If If Not Is DBNull(reader3("APH")) Then Temp APH = reader3("APH") Else Temp APH = "0" End If If Not Is DBNull(reader3("TOIL")) Then Temp TOIL = reader3("TOIL") Else Temp TOIL = "0" End If If Not Is DBNull(reader3("Others")) Then Temp Others = reader3("Others") Else Temp Others = "null" End If If Not Is DBNull(reader3("shift_type")) Then Temp Shift Type = reader3("shift_type") End If If Not Is DBNull(reader3("submitted_by")) Then Temp Submitted By = reader3("submitted_by") End If dr = dt. Data Bind() 'Persist the table in the Session object. Close() End Using End Sub (look at the ASPX markup code to see what's the name of your input element name - give it one if it doesn't have) then use the code above to read your element in your grid view event handler. How ever i can access the controls in row updating . Net Search, and more you are not using a Data Source control which means you need to provide the datasource again to the Grid View and bind it after you set the editindex (call its Data Bind() method) Only after you have bound it again with its datasource you will be able to find the Drop Down List using Find Control: EDIT: you will find other examples that involve the Row Data Bound event too - wherein you could check for the edit mode and still do the same using Find Control Pete, This is what i am doing in Row Editing .I can get the control in rowupdating but my main purpose is to get dropdown in this event and populated dropdown.

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