Gurus experts dating women pick up

The Friend Zone is where Connell Barrett, Founder of Dating Transformation, often found himself after meeting interesting women.

He jokes that he spent so much time in the Friend Zone, he had an apartment there.

You can do well picking up women alone if you know what you’re doing, but it’s definitely not the ideal.

If you don’t have any suitable friends in your area, try the wingman forum on The Attraction Forums.

The Short Version: At age 35, after having bad luck with women all his life, Connell Barrett set out to find a way to make dating easier.

He took what he learned from the dating gurus and paired it with what he already knew about self-development from authors like Tony Robbins.

That combination of techniques formed the foundation for his unique methods.

If you need to plan to go to the mall or the club or various events so that enough attractive women cross your path for this resolution to be meaningful, go for it. Make yourself approach, and don’t leave the conversation (unless she does) for at least five minutes.

You’re not going to be interested in every woman you meet, but if you get good at starting the conversation, breaking the ice and flirting, you’ll be in a great position when Ms. Get Good “Wingmen” Studies show that people who share their goals with others remain more committed and accountable to them. There’s also the fact that meeting women is MUCH more fun and MUCH easier when you’re out with like-minded friends.

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But if your life revolves around meeting women, it’s counterproductive.

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