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It is a centuries-old argument that some maintain is integral to one’s identity as a Christian. And I have spent far too much time on Wikipedia changing BCs and ADs back to BCEs and CEs.There are, however, several excellent reasons for Christians to leave behind the BC/AD dating system.In fact, the use of BC and AD causes more problems for Christians than it solves.The earliest use of this appears to be a 1716 book by John Prideaux, a bishop in England who wrote about "The vulgar era, by which we now compute the years from his incarnation." Because "vulgar" later came to denote something indecent, though, this use seems to have fell out of favor.

In a few other cases, like the Kentucky School System, efforts to switch over were reversed after some Christians protested.The idea of a Common Era instead of Anno Domini has been around for centuries, but the label used to be Era Vulgaris.We must remember that in the past, "vulgar" simply referred to the common people and the countryside and was not necessarily derogatory.C," or "Before Christ." Defining dates on not only the existence of Jesus but also his role as a religious figure is a preference granted to Christianity that is unavailable to any other religion or belief system. Use of BCE and CE has been growing in recent years, but they aren't nearly as new as many Christians seem to assume.More and more academic publications have been using BCE and CE, but especially BCE because they are discussing non-Christian cultures, religions, and politics.

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