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But there are medicines so effective that they’ve been called a “functional cure.” Which is to say: They don’t remove HIV from your body completely, but they reduce it to the point where the virus is so benign that it is untransmittable, and you can live a healthy, normal, happy, sexy life. I am in a serodiscordant relationship, which means I am HIV-positive and my partner is HIV-negative.I know countless long-term, happy serodiscordant couples.Let me say that again: Undetectable HIV-positive people pose no risk of transmitting HIV to their partners — regardless of condom use.

for a place I never wanted to be, a place I would never forget.(Your HIV is unable to be detected by the test — hence, it is “undetectable.”)This is the healthiest you can be without being HIV negative.When you are undetectable, you are unable to transmit the virus.Life isn’t always easy, but I can say confidently that HIV has not stopped me from meeting and dating and fucking sexy people.I use it as a litmus test to weed out unwanted partners: If you’re not cool with my status, you don’t get the rest of me.

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I can’t have a sex ed tutorial every time I want to get laid. On all the hookup apps, I write my status (HIV and Undetectable) on every profile, and tell interested parties as soon as we start talking.

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