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The Sten is no different, and the following articles provide examples of numerous nicknames for the Sten Submachine Gun that developed through use.

"Plumber's Delight," and "Cake Decorator" are two that jumped out at me.1.

As far as the Sterling, I only have a basic knowledge, and a couple of manuals, so I will rely upon others to help me with content for that firearm. For me, the most fascinating thing about the Sten was how it was born of necessity during some of the darkest hours of British struggle in World War II.

Sterling Helpful Hints Sten MK IVThis model of Sten Submachine Gun was apparently limited to prototype only, although rumors exist of its limited use by elite forces. Of the various Sten SMG models, the MK IV's appearance differs the most.

The early Model 1895's had the "B" serial number prefix up to 1977, when they went to the other system of serializing where you subtract the first two digits from 100.

Popular Mechanics, October 1943: "Machine Guns From Backyard Arsenals," by Popular Mechanics Staff Writer2.

Firepower, July 1985: "Build a Sten," (Observed online, but do not have specifics - If anyone has this issue of the magazine, please let me know the details.)3.

Gung Ho, Annual 1986: "The Bulldog's Bite: Sten Gun Still Firing In Anger," by William Seymour - Has brief history of the Sten, several accounts of combat use, as well as current (1986) use in some smaller conflicts.4.

Firepower, January 1988: "The Sten SMG: A Look From The Past," Reprint from Popular Mechanics, October 19435.

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If you imagine your country being bombed nightly, along with the truly daunting possibility that an invasion and German occupation could occur at any is short on weapons and forces sufficient to repel such an invasion...these were the conditions under which the Sten was born.

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