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Nicht jeder von euch denk ich mal wird das brauchen aber was es gibt das gibt es halt ;-).Jedenfalls ermöglicht es die ganzen Ereignisse und Bestenliste eines Gameserver auf einer Homepage über einen Webserver anzeigen zu lassen.Den Ordner hlstatsinc verschieben wir in das web Verzeichniss.Den Webordner kopieren wir nun auf die Syno in den Webserver Ordner. Zusätzlich könnt Ihr auch einen eigenen User für diese Datenbank anlegen. Als letztes müsst Ihr dann noch die im web Verzeichniss abändern.

// create your key at ""); // Google map region to display.The only time I've ever had any games refuse to update, it was because I had just reinstalled windows (my Steam directory is on a separate drive) and when I reinstalled steam, it strangely set everything to "do not keep this game updated". I have uninstalled and reinstalled steam twice, and I tried uninstalling TF2 but steam still says that I have the game on my mac. Then I noticed that i could fix that by going to properties and setting it to update again.i am having this same problem. This will update the file HLX: CE uses to get the location of an ip address.'''Note: For more information regarding ingame commands, please type 'help' in to the main chat window (defaultkey “y”) and read the windows contents!

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However if the path begins // with none of these constructs, PHP will search your // include_path (as set in php.ini) (probably NOT the current // directory as might be expected! // Example paths: // 1) /usr/local/apache/hlstatsinc // (absolute path) // 2) ../hlstatsinc // -) ./hlstatsinc // (paths relative to hlstats.php) // 3) hlstats/include // (path relative to include_path) // Under Windows, make sure you use forward slash (/) instead // of back slash (\).

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