How to protect yourself with online dating

Some scammers will simply threaten you with blackmail if you don't give them money in return for not showing pictures, videos or even messages of yours online.So remember, if you share a sexual picture of yourself, make sure there is nothing identifiable about it i.e.Once they feel they have your trust, they request money for an unexpected medical emergency or legal fee. Take a look at their social profiles on facebook and Linked In. Make sure their story matches their profile regarding where they live, what they do for work, family status, vacations, pictures, etc...

You didn't get married to live with a roommate, but your marriage isn't built on love, chemistry or spiritual connection.The scammer starts by gaining the victim’s trust, authorities said. In some cases, scammers have even claimed that wired funds never arrived and asked victims to send money again.Other times, they’ve claimed they never showed up to meet because they were arrested, and they ask for more money to post bail or recover seized items.Continue Reading Below More than 18,000 people complained to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, or IC3, last year to say they were victims of romance fraud.They lost a combined 2 million, the IC3 said this week.

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Do you continue to live like married roommates, or do you leave your husband and start a new life?

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