How to run dating ads on facebook

It’s a great example of top-of-funnel content that delivers value to the target audience and in doing so, builds recognition and authority for MOZ the brand and Rand Fishkin the CEO.Questioning copy: Starting the copy with a question related to the video brings the topic to the front-of-mind for the target audience.The cards that follow are all interconnected by referencing the characters of the animals printed on the product and utilise relevant emojis to stand out even more.The Shop Now CTA reminds the user that they are in a buying mind-set and there is a discount to be had on the product. Used at the top-of-funnel, this content ad helps build brand awareness whilst delivering value to the target audience.

Striking visuals: what makes this an excellent ad is the use of attention grabbing video, particularly in the first carousel card.The video reinforces the social proof mentioned in the ad copy referencing different business owners.Clear link title, description & CTA: The link title below the video “Launch Your Website Today” is clear and direct, implying that this ad is for you to take the final action to launch your website.This retargeting ad specifically promotes a 25% off discount on their Eco nappies to encourage a first purchase.Benefit based copy: The first line of copy makes it clear that this ad is for a promotion, specifically a 25% off discount deal.

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