How to stop vista validating programs

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Q5 - Are there any immediate concerns that need our attention?

With Head Office you can manage your whole circuit as one entity.

Head Office makes it easy to compare data across all your sites, so you can see relative contributions from each cinema.

Vista Head Office is ‘command HQ’ for cinema circuit owners, allowing you to centralise operations, configure film data, see performance and revenue and even balance stock across your circuit.

The Vista Analytics suite ensures you always have a crystal-clear picture of what’s going on in your circuit or cinema at any time.

It’s made up of three browser-based products: The Performance Dashboard gathers real-time data on KPIs from across your circuit or from individual cinemas and displays it graphically. You can also filter your data according to date, region or individual cinema.

From simple discounted tickets or points earned from purchases; to sophisticated tiered membership levels, even subscription schemes where your customers pay a certain amount per month and go to the cinema as many times as they want.

You can offer additional rewards for attending specific films, or on certain days of the week, or for reaching certain milestones.

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