Htc evo friend stream not updating

This issue is seen on other streaming applications too. Makes me wonder sometimes if they perform any QA on their software... I called HTC opened up a support ticket with them, i called Sirius/xm same thing and sprint, well sprint was lost in the clouds.Note that AAC/AAC streams are not affected and can play normally without any issues. BTW it makes me realize how much I rely on your app, especially when I'm driving, when it breaks through no fault of your own. I hope they fix this within the next 2 weeks before the new year!You'll be able to share free apps in Froyo on the Evo 4G. If you're signed into Facebook, all of your friends' birthdays will appear in your Evo 4G's calendar. You have three levels of intensity, a blinking "auto-flash," and even SOS mode, where it blinks it out in Morse Code. They're just basic buttons, but they're nice additions.The FM radio's had a bit of a UI tweak, and there are a couple of widgets you can use on a home screen. You can now user a basic PIN or alpha-numeric password to unlock your phone, in addition to the pattern unlock.

The Sense user interface looks the same, though we have some new apps and widgets to play with.And screwed up my evo so bad that I was on tech support with Sprint over 6 hours and finally had to wipe out everything and start over. I also strongly recommend not changing settings around if you don't know what you are doing.When you start getting that EPST error you got BIG problems. As long as you change what is strictly defined above you will be fine... I honestly dont think sprint purposely blocked these apps from streamingstreaming.In order to stream MP3 streams you need to be connected to WIFI. (tip sent by Keith)Contact Sprint they will be able to send the phone a prl update which removes the proxy server changes made by previous OTA. Change HTTP PD Proxy Address to:***DISCLAIMER! I'm unsure what the difference is but the shoutcast stations I use almost work in Winamp. That means it'll sound good at first but deteriorates very quickly.Make sure to call from a different phone so the update gets sent properly. Go to phone dial and type ##3282# "there is no need to push call button after. "You can get the password by calling Sprint and asking for MSL code, or password for ##3282#, they should give it to you."4. Be very careful not changing anything else than what is suggested here. It seems to show that the network may not be the issue but something on the back end of the program or the fact that it cannot buffer. I don't like keeping music on my device since I'm just lazy so having my streams back would be wonderful. Specifically, if there is a difference in streaming audio via direct HTML links. Streaming wasn't supported by Android's APIs until Android 2.2 I believe.

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Sprint has disabled online radio streaming on their Android devices. If you find a workaround prior to an update, please let us know.

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