Igneous rocks dating

In the beginning when the universe was expanding and accelerating at inconceivable rates, daughter isotopes (Pb-206 and Ar-40) would have been present.

Is there solid scientific evidence in favor of accelerated decay?

For example, uranium-238 (parent isotope) decays into thorium-234, which itself is unstable, and the process continues until the atom changes into lead-206 (daughter isotope), which is stable.

Advocates of these methods assume that melting or liquid magma at the beginning resets the age clock to zero (that is, there are no daughter isotopes in the rock at the time of cooling or solidification).

The third assumption is invalidated by discordant dates—that is, different dating techniques do not agree with each other or with known historic dates and by consistently finding vast ages from recently solidified magma.

This indicates that something is fundamentally wrong with the dating technique. Helens in 1980 provides a radioisotope age of 2.8 million years although the rock was only 15 years old, • Mt.

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It assumes radioactive decay has never been interrupted by worldwide cataclysmic events.

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