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She could revisit that product…Email is an essential tool for nonprofit organizations, and for good reason: In 2018, nonprofit email marketing earned for every 1,000 emails sent (M R Benchmarks). Start with these tips for effective nonprofit email campaigns. Educate subscribers about your mission Email is the perfect opportunity…While summer heat waves may still be going strong, August means pens and binders and laptops aren’t too far off.

Keep your business ahead of the curve by making the most of this back-to-school season.

If you’re planning your 2020 marketing budget, there are a lot of trends you should be considering.

As a paid media agency, we’re already planning our marketing budgets for 2020.

What I remember is I opened the door like a regular person. Lol WUT I was suddenly aware how I have anger issues, and that got a concealed carry license, and that I was carrying a loaded gun at that very moment. Police officer was sympathetic, drove me to the hospital and called a tow for the bike.

I don’t remember too much, but the outer edges of my vision were black and I could only hear my own breathing. I got up, realized I was fucked up, then kept walking into the middle of nowhere.

We’re also starting those conversations with our clients. The cycle of making projections, pitching, and deliberating can…In today’s world, there is rarely a PPC Marketing Strategy that does not include or even toy with the notion of creating either a Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads campaign(s) at some point in the strategy life-cycle.

Because of this, marketers are developing and testing different audience segments based on interests, household income, marital status,…Marketing attribution is the process of identifying sources or channels that led to a desired outcome, such as a sale or a subscription.

This global “norm” costs approximately trillion in lost productivity.

Titled “Culture 2.0 – The…It may have been years or even decades since you were in a classroom, but those who understand the importance of committing to continuing education are more likely to set themselves up for growth within their professional careers.

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Identity is the federal government's one-stop resource for identity theft victims.

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  1. Please take a look through the "Safety Tips" and "Wanted" pages. You can see the featured story here: North Alabama Woman Creates Website to Review Online Dates and Give Others Safety Warning About Individuals. Currently Alabama, Ohio and Tennessee persons wanted. We are currently working on the other several states we have subscribers, also.