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relishes the abject alienation of a disenfranchised girl who attempts to build a life for her own while forces outside her attempt to demolish it and fail.

The internet is used here as a metaphor for society's inability to be resilient in the face of social disintegration.

The other subtext that I noticed was how internet porn can actually be a potent form of female empowerment.

In relative terms, this is a new concept in Philippine movies.

There were also nice touches in the story that I enjoyed. There was no histrionic scene between female characters.

There was no stereotypical "Am-girl" trying to pass herself of as somebody better than her fellows.

As a side note, the idea in casting Estrada as the sleazy porn site owner was masterful.

With relatives not so happy to see her, Joanna tries to make sense of her life.I'm no techie but the movie apparently was filmed on digital camera (or made to look that way).This is the same technique used by those Dogma filmmakers (see Breaking the Waves or The Anniversary Party as an example) in Northern Europe to bring out mood and character.I particularly liked the idea of Joanna shopping in Quiapo instead of a mall. The script was refreshingly understated with naturalistic dialogue (except the gay assistant, Badong, who was so perky that he perfectly fit the role of the gay pimp).Speaking of the gay pimp, there was a humorous scene where Badong initiated a fire drill.

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