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I also tried Replens and coconut and olive oil nothing helped.Feeling desperate I found Yes online, telephoned and spoke to a lovely lady called Lynn who listened and helped me choose water based applicators and oil base in a tube. I use water based twice a day, half an applicator each time internally and also oil based multiple times on vulva area.

There are a number of possible reasons which can affect hormone production: If enough lubrication is not being naturally produced by a woman’s own body, she can ease the dryness and relieve the discomfort with the use of a commercially available water-based intimate lubricant or vaginal moisturiser.

Vaginal tissue is kept elastic, comfortable and moist by lubrication which is created by glands at the neck of the womb and governed by the body’s production of estrogen.

When the ovaries’ production of estrogen is disrupted, which can happen for a number of reasons, the change in lubrication can make the vagina feel itchy, dry and irritated.

Do consult your doctor if you experience painful or persistent symptoms.

“I am 55 years old, have had a hysterectomy, have no ovaries and have vaginal atrophy /dryness.

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