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More than 1,000 bots are now assisting people in filling out legal forms in all 50 US states and the UK.

Most recently, Do Not Pay launched an effort to help people affected by the Equifax breach sue the company in small claims court, potentially allowing them to avoid hiring a lawyer.

Woebot is a robot therapist that helps people manage their mental health.

Operating through Facebook Messenger and drawing from cognitive behavior therapy, Woebot checks in with users in brief daily conversations about their mood, and sends videos and tools depending on the user's needs at the moment.

Hundreds of chatbots now aim to spread social good.

Here are five that offer users help with mental health, legal advice, getting a raise, adopting an animal, and sharing their voice.

We’ll be keeping track of all interesting brand chatbots in our convenient brand directory.

You are supposedly an 18-year-old woman and you don’t know whatevs? Worswick used to be a DJ who uploaded his dance-techno music online, but after he developed a complementary teddy bear chatbot for the site he realized more people were coming to talk to the chatbot than listening to his music.

Users can chat with Zo via Facebook Messenger, Kik and on Group Me to get information about and photos of adoptable cats.U-Report has a growing subscriber base of over 4.2 million young people.Started as a way to help people in the UK fight traffic tickets, Do Not Pay has transformed into a bot that can democratize legal help by automating many common legal issues.Woebot isn't meant to replace traditional therapists, but rather to supplement them, according to founder Alison Darcy, a clinical research psychologist from Stanford University."In a world where so many people have smartphones and are accustomed to 24/7 connectivity, the convenience of a Facebook-integrated chatbot is unparalleled," Darcy said.

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