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So Burney-Scott decided to create a resource of her own: “Decolonizing the Crone,” a multimedia project that collects the stories and experiences of women over 50.Last fall, we brought you the story of twin sisters, Bernice Wade and Barbara Stiles. The sisters are well known in the community for the beauty of their gardens.And I mean ambitious in all ways — emotionally, in adventure and in accomplishment and in friendship.

The herbs and the acupuncture together work very well.Omisade Burney-Scott is a woman currently negotiating menopause.Her 50-plus years have made her self-aware, but the changes in her physical body and emotional state have also made her self-conscious.So all of a sudden physicians started taking their patients off of hormone therapy …[Then later there was] reanalysis of subsegments of the Women’s Health Initiative Study.

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