Intimidating actions by unions consolidating elementary schools

It is difficult because we are taught that our role is to defend workers from management's discipline.

We also know that we need unity among the members in order to fight the employer.

We could call this "Union members behaving badly." We need to know what our legal and moral obligations as Union leaders are in these situations.

We know what to do when it is a member of management who engages in racial or sexual harassment.

If African American or Latino members feel the Union won't defend them from a white member who is harassing them, then our unity is in danger.

We also know that it is not the members who are on the receiving end of harassment who are endangering the unity, it is the harassers who are endangering the unity.

A labor or trade union is an organization of workers dedicated to protecting members' interests and improving wages, hours and working conditions for all.

If women members feel the Union won't defend them from some men who are harassing them, then unity is in danger.Unions represent: • mechanics, • teachers, • factory workers, • office workers, • actors, • musicians, • police officers, • construction workers, • airline pilots, • janitors, • plumbers, • doctors, • pharmacists, • IT/computer professionals, • government workers at all levels, • engineers, • writers, • nurses, • and many more types of workers.Did you know there are over 60 national/international unions that represent millions of workers across America and Canada?A grievance is filed and, if necessary, charges with the appropriate government commission against discrimination are filed.It is a more difficult question when the situation is one of a Union member harassing another Union member.

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They hold elections for officers who make decisions on behalf of members, giving workers more power on the job.

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