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When she reached the Sacred Tree, she discovered that the boy, Inuyasha, was now awake.

At that moment, Mistress Centipede attacked Kagome and in the ensuing scuffle, she was wounded by the demon and the Shikon Jewel that had been inside Kagome's body since her birth, unbeknownst to her, was ripped out.

Later Inuyasha and the group found dead bodies at a village where they encountered the wolf-demon tribe's leader Kōga, who got angry when Inuyasha killed his comrades.

Kagome and Shippō were kidnapped by Kōga through a trap.

The leader of the Wolf Tribe, Kōga, was infatuated with Kagome, often calling her "my woman." She was normally polite when rejecting him.

However, her refusals were so delicately phrased, most times both Kōga and Inuyasha could't see them for what they were.

Kagome and Inuyasha later met a young orphan and fox demon named Shippō who lost his father by the Thunder Brothers and he express his desire for revenge and even tried stealing Shikon jewel shards from Kagome who begun to like him as a younger brother.

After she was forced to return to the modern era when Inuyasha took the Shikon Jewel to prevent Kagome from returning, she manages to return to the feudal era.

It often caused fights to erupt between Inuyasha and Kōga, and Inuyasha and Kagome as well.

Through their traveling, Kagome began to develop romantic feelings toward Inuyasha, but was usually left heartbroken because Inuyasha still had feelings for Kikyō, and often went out to find her, but he did always go back to Kagome and the others.

Kagome would be in her room, thinking about how Inuyasha chose Kikyō and decided not to return to Inuyasha for a while, even Kagome's friends asked her about her boyfriend.

Kagome looked on scared tree and she wanted Kikyō just go away from Inuyasha's life and breakdown after she realized that she loved Inuyasha.

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Later Kagome found out that Kōga and other wolf tribe were suffering from the attack of the Birds of Paradise so she agreed to help them.

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