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She always uses that her father is a sheriff in Iowa.What’s funny is that the dumb b1tch never showed up for court to give her depositions so the case was dismissed.

Way to go I would never re elect this guy he has no fuking morals what so ever and neither does his drunk a55 daughter.

She dated a person whose brother is a pedo she never has her kid. This girl has a boyfriend but yet is trying to fuk her ex boyfriend.

The boyfriend is dumb and stupid for staying with her.

She will leave him at home go out party some nights not even come home leaving her family wondering where she is and if she is ok.

She only cares about herself and nobody else she pretends that her family comes first but in fact she does not care about her family guys beware she may seem perfect but she will hurt you in the end Dated for six months lived together for 3months. 3.5 months later still stalking me hit me with a pool stick in the head at the local pub. This skank after wrecking my friends friends marriage came after my bffs husband at a known trash heap bar.

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She loves to point fingers and say this person is a criminal but she has a record herself drinking and driving two offenses, has been married and divorced already and also has debtors coming after her for large amounts of money. I hope her new bf watches out she isn’t a good person and has a horrible personality.

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