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They then discuss Dominic Barbara, how the media handles apologies, and wax a bit on strip clubs.

Porn star Mary Jean joins the conversation to explain how she got into the industry, goes topless to give the boys lap dances, talks about her love for "cock in her mouth" and demonstrates her skills on a banana, and then, she hits the stage for topless karaoke.

Bringing the show to a close, he talks about a new app called "Sketch Factor" and finishes up with more listener calls.

Sean Bergin kills it once again as he joins Anthony at the bar to revisit the situation in Ferguson Missouri and the death of Robin Williams.

We learn about the ethnicity book and show Col's working on, they discuss people who seek out things to be "offended" by, the public's inability to have open and honest dialogue, they touch on the conflicts going on overseas, diversity in police forces, and the power of social media and of the "69".Anthony starts off with "Race Wars" discussing national news stories.He then talks about the word "retard" and highlights actors playing "Retards in Cinema".They engage in Sharpton and Obama talk, reminisce about "Tough Crowd," discuss how salaries have changed over the years, we find out where to get Nick's podcast (Riot Cast, i Tunes, Stitcher), and they bond over their shared love of The Sopranos. Ant tells Nick the story of his breakup with Jill Nicolini, they go over the MTV's Video Music Awards and Miley Cyrus's "movie version of a homeless guy," and then end with a chat about old-timey masturbation.Ant starts the show revisiting Miley Cyrus at the VMA's and her "homeless movie star," we see a few clips of real homeless guys, watch two horrendous "ice bucket challenge" videos, and listen in on a couple of calls.

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