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The whole moment shocked Karlie Redd, who dramatically fell off the park bench they were sharing and landed on the ground.

She hadn’t even heard the biggest shocker yet.“I promise you that you not never gonna find another n***a like me,” Lyfe told Karlie.

"I didn't know where the shots came from until he admitted it," he said. He said if that space doesn't work out, they'll find another one.

"And he is still getting over the craziness after his mother died and the nephew of his sister he doesn't get along with shot him. I didn't have anything on me."He's grateful he is still alive. "It's going to be interesting how it plays out."As for his bar with Stevie J, Sleazy & Zino, they're still in a battle with the partners.

In the first season for the Atlanta cast, Karlie and Benzino were introduced as a couple.

In the clip, after Karlie came clean about hooking up with Scrapp De Leon as fans saw just a few episodes prior, Lyfe pulled out a huge ring.Karlie Redd told Chicago’s 107.5, In an interview with Playboy, the publication confirmed that she was 37 years old in 2015.On the “Don’t Be Scared” podcast in 2016, Redd disclosed her birthdate but wouldn’t confirm the year.You can use me, but you can’t abuse me.” That’s when a tearful Benzino took his ring back and walked away from Karlie in the most dramatic way. She ranted and raved about how Benzino showed her the ring and then snatched it back. She’s been working for years to get married to someone and so far, she gets dumped every single time.At least Lyfe Jennings let Karlie keep the ring.[Photo by Alberto E.

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Among the most well-known television characters of African-American origin is multi-talented Karlie Redd who is renowned as an actress, a famous reality television actress, Hip-Hop artist, model, a dancer, singer-songwriter and an aspiring author.

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