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The two were dressed as Disney characters Belle and The Beast from the animated film in Dallas, Texas, singing the Ray La Montagne version of the song "Crazy".He was not shown on the television series until the final 24 due to legal restrictions on the songs he chose to perform.Papa never had kids so I quickly became his little girl.My dad had a drug problem which caused him to be a father not a dad.

I would call him and tell him how much I loved him and how much he meant to me but I couldn't come. Afraid that if I left he'd be gone before I got back. He understood my love for papa and had no objections to me spending as much time with him as I could. The day papa looked at hubs and said "you take care of my little girl after I'm gone" I broke down.

Papa was a trucker driver and use to go on 2 week hauls and I would stand in the door proud as a peacock cause my papa drove an 18 wheeler but sad as ever cause he was leaving me for 2 weeks.

As time went on Papa started having problems with the blood circulation in his legs when he hit 55 so he had to stop truck driving 1990. I use to go there for lunch because they lived around the cornor from my school.

The family left and I sat and drank with papa and talked about growing up.

Papa always told me he wouldn't die on me before he turned 70 and if papa made a promise to me, it never got broken. March 7th 2001 I was upstairs cleaning the master bathroom, mom was in the basement cleaning her room ( she lived with hubs and I) and hubs was sleeping. I ran to answer it and it was gramma, papa had been in teh hopsital the past 2 months and had gotten pnemonia. Calm as can be I said we'll be there soon but hang on I'll get mom.

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Gramma asked if I had mom's van and I said yeah but mom was home anyways what did she want. She was in Paris which is about 15 minutes from us (its the hospital papa was in). I ran down and told mom "Gramma's on the phone and papa died" went back to my room sat on the edge of the bed and sobbed.

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