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Clearly Naudi Nala's parents didn't raise no bitch.

Now, somebody call Tom Savini and lets finish this horror film right. The idea of penetrating a chain-smoking ex-con bus driver with 2 blob fish bolted to her chest may work for some of you jabronis in the western world - but not me. Remember that fat crybaby from one of the few episodes of The Maury Show that didn't involve teenagers giving handjobs in exchange for chicken mcnuggets?

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This is all but guaranteed to eradicate any story you may have been led to believe about how hard it is to bang an established pornstar.

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Symptom #39 that you've graduated from tastless MILF meat, to fully fledged bum ranger: You find yourself with 15 minutes between PTA meetings, and instead of preparing for it, you roll the dice and smash sum butt hash instead.

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The first girl may have very well ended erectile dysfunction as we know it with nothing more than eye contact alone.

The second instantly brought the epidemic back in full force. How/Why semi-concious females go on the hunt for ding dongs that can literally rearrange their organs is beyond my knowledge.

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