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But we definitely picked the songs — from ‘I Do’ to ‘Invisible Man,’ ‘Hardest Thing,’ ‘Because of You,” we were receiving songs at a huge clip, sifted through all of them and we thought that those were hits.” 8 It took a long time for 98 Degrees to reunite and take another go at making music and performing live.

The band decided to part ways in 2002, but it was always planned that they would get back together.

We’re sure they have many stories to share, but this one particular instance seems to stand out to Timmons: “One girl was obsessed with one of the songs, ‘Invisible Man,’ and we were doing something for NBA’s ‘Stay in School,’ and we were in the basketball arena, backstage before we could go rehearse before our little show. She came into our dressing room and had the camera rolling and was asking us a bunch of questions.

When they made the announcement on their website back in 2002, Drew Lachey wrote that the band had not broken up, but rather was taking an extended hiatus.

They got together a few times for one-time performances, first in 2004 to sing on Nick and Jessica’s Family Christmas TV special, again in 2005 to support Jeffre’s candidacy for mayor of Cincinnati, but things went quiet for the group until 2012 when the group revealed they would start recording for a new album. Then these guys got married and started having kids and then doing different projects. You really have to set aside about a year maybe a year and a half.

98 Degrees was incredibly successful during the peak of their career from 1997 to 2002.

Although their musical reign was short, they sold over 10 million records worldwide and achieved 8 Top 40 hit singles in the United States.

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