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” to one of “Do I have this badge and this identity of being a virgin?” That, in turn, “overshadowed the Bible’s central message of grace.” was released as the purity movement was gaining popularity.

Courtship teaches that a man and woman should only “go out” if marriage was the goal.

He also Skypes with fans and critics of the book.“My book hurt people. My thinking has changed since I wrote I Kissed Dating Goodbye. I don’t agree with a lot of my own book.”Harris was married shortly after he wrote the book.

My book helped people,” he says during the documentary. He then became pastor of Covenant Life, a church in Gaithersburg, Md.

Today, Harris is a graduate student at Regent College in Vancouver, B. Students at the school had “mixed” views on his book and helped reshape his thinking, he says.

Here are three things Harris says he regrets about I Kissed Dating Goodbye:was right to support abstinence, Harris says, but it overemphasized the importance of virginity -- and thus left non-virgins feeling less valued by God.

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In an interview with Family Christian Stores, Harris indicated that "people have taken the message of I Kissed Dating Goodbye and made it something legalistic – a set of rules.

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