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Five molecules with one extracellular region containing three Ig-like loops, one transmembrane region, and one cytoplasmic region have thus far been identified.We have proposed, based on their domain structures which are similar to those of nectins, that these molecules are called nectin-like molecules (Necls) (6).Cell-cell adhesion is critical for tissue patterning and morphogenesis as well as for maintenance of normal tissues.In polarized epithelial cells, intercellular adhesion is mediated through a junctional complex comprised of tight junctions (TJs), adherens junctions (AJs), and desmosomes (DSs) (1).Nectin-4 does not have this consensus motif but binds afadin.Afadin is an F-actin-binding protein with one PDZ domain and three other domains and connects nectins to the actin cytoskeleton (5).Envision 230 miles of sandy white beachfront, gently lapped by some of the clearest, aquamarine seas in the entire universe.With 40 islands to explore in this exquisite chain, only 8 of them inhabited by anything other than wildlife, you can really leave your mark by creating footprints in the otherwise untouched sand.

Turks & Caicos boast 1,000 square miles of reefs and some of the most impressive walls of coral in the Caribbean, making it one of the top 5 diving destinations in the world.

Home of the famous Hula Pie, we’ve been serving up classic Hawaiian cuisine and making traditions since 1977.

From our signature prime rib to our classic Kimo’s style fresh fish, you’ll taste the original aloha of our Old Lahaina Town traditions.

Although cadherins are Ca-independent cell-cell adhesion molecules that comprise a family of four members, nectin-1, -2, -3, and -4 (5).

All nectins have one extracellular region with three Ig-like loops, one transmembrane region, and one cytoplasmic region (5). Nectins except nectin-4 have a C-terminal conserved motif of four amino acid (aa) residues that interacts with the PDZ domain of afadin (5).

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