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") And the best thing about having the "Going Out Like That" singer as a mother-in-law?"Well, you know, she's just one of my heroes," says Clarkson. "Clarkson is married to Mc Entire's stepson, Brandon Blackstock, who is also the son of her manager (Mc Entire's husband), Narvel Blackstock.

His older half-brother, Brandon Blackstock, is married to singer Kelly Clarkson.

The two first performed together during a special of CMT Crossroads in 2007 and hit it off right away.

After singing a country version of Kelly's hit song "Because of You" at the ACM Awards, the two joined forces for their North American tour, 2 Worlds 2 Voices Tour, a year later.

Their wedding was held on October 20, 2013 at Blackberry Farms in Tennessee. “Watching my husband love on his daughter all the time, you know, go to her events and just be there and, like, be present is, like, hard to watch but beautiful to watch,” she told host Ryan Seacrest.

Clarkson said that Blackstock was the first man she ever said ‘I love you’ to and meant it. Because, like, ‘Oh, that’s what you have to do when you say it.'”During a 2017 interview with Sirius XM, Clarkson revealed that Blackstock was the first man who made her feel romantic passion. But there was something about him.”“I honestly thought I was asexual — I’d never been turned on like that in my whole life,” she said. “I know that my kids are going to have that.”“I don’t even think I understood the gravity of [my relationship with my father] until I was pregnant,” she added.

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The couple tied the knot in October 2013 in Tennessee.

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