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She made no secret of the fact that she was not a prude and that she was willing to prove it.At the end of an evening at Tommy’s, it was not unusual for her to end up parked in a secluded spot somewhere with a football player—after, of course, he had taken his girlfriend home to meet her curfew.

At football games, they sat in the stands wearing the ultimate status symbol: their boyfriends’ letter jackets.“Betty wanted to be liked,” says her first cousin Shelton Williams, whose memoir, , chronicles his coming-of-age in Odessa through the prism of Betty’s murder.“She wanted what we all want—to be totally unique while being completely accepted.” In a place where fun on a Saturday night might mean deciding to take only right turns while cruising around town, Betty dreamed of her escape.When Ronnie White, who graduated from Odessa High the year that the murder took place, returned to his alma mater to teach history, in 1978, he was astonished to hear students talking about the former drama student named Betty whose spirit supposedly haunted the auditorium and the popular football player who had had a hand in her killing. “I thought, ‘Good Lord, they must be talking about Betty Williams.’” WHAT MOST PEOPLE REMEMBER ABOUT BETTY WILLIAMS is that they hardly noticed her at all.She lived in a small, well-worn frame house on an unpaved street not far from the oil fields west of town, where gas flares burned and drilling-rig lights illuminated the desert at night. A strict Baptist, her father often preached to Betty about sin and eternal damnation, and on more than one Sunday morning, he prayed that she might learn to be a more obedient daughter.

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